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The editors acknowledge the contribution of the individual authors indicated in each section. For full details of the project partnership responsible for the development of ORGAPET, see The input of the project advisory committee, and the participants in the ORGAP workshops, into the design and refinement of ORGAPET is also gratefully acknowledged, as is the input of Ian Jeffreys into the creation of the electronic version of ORGAPET, and the input of Anne-Marie Sherwood into the final copy-editing and checking process.

ORGAPET has been developed as part of the EU project "European Action Plan for organic food and farming - Development of criteria and evaluation procedures for the evaluation of the EU Action Plan for Organic Agriculture” (ORGAP:, CT-2005-006591). The editors and authors gratefully acknowledge financial support for this project from the Commission of the European Communities under the Sixth Framework Programme for European Research and Technological Development (Priority 8.1 Policy-oriented Research (SSP), Area 8.1.1 Sustainable management of Europe’s natural resources: B. 1.2 Tools and assessment methods for sustainable agriculture.)

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